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Men Make Better Women Than Women

Men Better Woman Than Woman
Men Better Woman Than Woman

Recent events prove that we now live in a world where The Left and corporate media believe that men make better women than women. When men are celebrated for stealing a women’s job, it further proves that men really are better than women. Recent history reveals that men despite being biological males, win awards, competitions, and prized positions acting as female impersonators.

2023 International Women of Courage

Alba Rueda was given an award for women at an event hosted by First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

USA Today’s Woman of the Year

Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary of Health.

International Women’s Day campaign

Fae Johnstone, appointed by Hershey’s Canada to be the spokesman of their 2023 International Women’s Day campaign.


Dylan Mulvaney pays a transgender influencer to model a sports bar among others.

Australian Women’s Swimwear Company

Deni Todorovic named as New Brand Ambassador

2022 National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Woman of the Year

Lia Thomas was nominated for the award.

Furthermore, Biden’s recently revised Title IX guidelines further demonstrate that it is illegal NOT to let men dominate women’s sports. The National Organization of (Liberal) Women issued its own Statement back in 2021 in support of trans-athletes having equal access to playing on female sports teams claiming it would be a “victory” for all girls and women.

Tell that to Riley Gaines who lost to Lia Thomas at the 2022 NCAA Swim Championships or to lesser-known female athletes who lost to biological males. Layshia Claredon, won the gold medal at the 2018 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup. JayCee Cooper won the women’s 2019 national championship for bench press in the super heavyweight division. Wren Pyle, CeCe Telfer, Tiffany Newell, and Veronica Ivy took various titles in track and field. These are but a few mentions of trans athletes in women's sports.

Women’s strength does not mimic that of men. Just ask the North Carolina high-school girls’ volleyball athlete who suffered a severe injury after a transgender, biological male, opponent spiked a ball at her head at about 70 mph. She suffered severe head and neck injuries and is still impaired from long-term concussion symptoms and vision problems.

This begs several questions about fairness and safety. Women should not have to compete against men who have an immutable testosterone-based advantage. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine finds that trans athletes (biological men) still retain an athletic advantage over their biological females even after a year of hormone therapy.

Blackface and Womanface Picture
Blackface and Womanface

How is this not systemically unfair? How is this not systemic misogyny? Womanface is the new blackface. Men who apply caked-on makeup to hide a 10 o’clock shadow and behave with exaggerated femininity don’t just ridicule a woman, it is straight-up sexism. Women are demeaned and dehumanized when men dress as women presenting them as caricatures just like blackface in minstrel shows.

Transgenderism is an insult to women when men enter women’s spaces, sports, careers, and opportunities because it means forever accepting that women are inferior. Susan B. Anthony, legendary American civil rights leader, is turning over in her grave.

Link to National Organization of Women’s Statement

North Carolina High School Athlete suffers concussion

Journal article on male advantage over female athletes

Susan B. Anthony

Image Male Greater Than Female

Image 2 Womanface

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Nina Rizzo

Nina Rizzo

Nina is the daughter of Italian immigrants, who imbued in her a love for America where hard work leads to achieving one’s dreams. Nina earned a doctorate in Social Psychology and Personality theory and made a career in nonprofits including Research Triangle Institute as a health policy analyst. Nina’s first vote was cast for Ronald Reagan and there began her pursuit and defense of conservative constitutional principles. Nina spends much of her time cooking for family and friends because food is love revealed. Nina is also passionate about defending her country against government tyranny. When you’re at her dinner table, you are sure to get an earful of how to keep America great.

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