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Waiting for Superman

Heart, Home, and Heritage -Nina Rizzo

Waiting for Superman to save our Republic is a foolish waste of time at best and threatens Americans’ economic and social well-being at its worst. Sure, we felt terrific when “our President” signed a series of executive orders promoting energy independence, border security, and immigration enforcement, along with minimizing the burden of the Affordable Care Act, reducing regulatory burdens, and deterring crime to name but a few.

Now reflect on how dreadful we felt when Trump’s executive orders were canceled or overridden by the next executive sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. Within less than an hour of being sworn in as President, Joe Biden flicked on the shredder destroying Trump’s executive orders. The economic boom and positive change we experienced were wiped away in less than two years under Biden.

Lasting change does not come from the executive branch but from the legislative branches and the judiciary. As you read this, I hear you shouting: “We have a do-nothing Congress.” Voters on both sides of the aisle are frustrated because their elected representatives are not doing enough to address the problems facing the country. Then when a law is passed, it’s held up in litigation to determine its constitutionality.

Remember the saying, “All politics is local.” Real lasting change happens at the state and local levels. Let’s look at examples of how the North Carolina Legislature and Judiciary succeeded in passing and upholding meaningful laws impacting the day-to-day lives of North Carolinians.

  • Republicans with its supermajority in both houses passed legislation banning most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy after overriding Governor Cooper’s veto.

  • After almost five years of residents voting overwhelmingly in favor of Voter ID, the North Carolina State Supreme Court reversed previous rulings of its unconstitutionality. It is finally the law.

  • The NC State Supreme Court also reversed the ruling that redistricting was illegal for excessive partisanship. Now House, Senate, and Congressional maps will be redrawn to reflect the three Republican seats gained in the 2022 election. For the first time since 2016, Republicans now have a majority on the N.C. Supreme Court.

  • Republicans succeeded in protecting residents’ second amendment rights by eliminating the requirement to obtain a permit from the local sheriff’s office before purchasing a gun. Republicans were again able to override Gov. Cooper’s veto.

  • NC House Republicans passed HB 187 that would prohibit the teaching of Critical Race Theory. This bill goes to the Senate next which passed a similar bill in 2021.

  • House Republicans introduced HB 420 to create a universal Education Savings Account to expand parent school choice for students statewide. Education Savings Account (not income-based) can be used to pay directly for non-public school and home-school educational expenses including private school tuition, textbooks, tutoring services, educational therapies, and technological devices. Gov. Cooper’s current proposed budget will phase out the existing Opportunity Scholarship Program as he plans to veto this current bill.

  • North Carolina bills SB 639 and HB 808 if adopted into law would ban transgender procedures, puberty blockers, and other hormones for youth under the age of 18 in the state. Gender clinics at North Carolina medical schools are seeing children as young as 2 for gender dysphoria. Duke University, the University of North Carolina (UNC), and East Carolina University (ECU) medical schools referenced providing “treatment” for toddlers and grade-school-age children with gender dysphoria on organization websites, in documents, and in news articles.

The Way Forward

National politics gets the lion’s share of attention, steals the spotlight, and overshadows everything. The recent accomplishments of the North Carolina State Legislature and Judiciary prove why we need to devote much of our time and resources to state and local elections. The Presidency indeed has a vital role in America. A President should provide a vision of the nation’s values, goals, and priorities. “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

Waiting for Superman to save America may lead us to overlook the most impactful contests that occur in the down ballot. Issues we care most about like health care, education, crime, and taxation are best addressed at the state and local levels. The Democrat party knows full well the power of down-ballot victories in reshaping America from the bottom up, rather than from Washington.

Let us not bemoan the tyranny of school and city councils but actively participate in researching candidates who seek to uphold and protect our communities. Build positive change from the bottom up, city by city. Run for office. Volunteer to turn out the vote, especially during those off-year elections when neither a presidential election nor a midterm election takes place. Most of all, VOTE!

Organizations like Liberty First Grassroots (LFG) engage state and local communities to elect Constitutional Conservative Candidates. LFG does the hard work of vetting candidates who will serve with integrity and represent our constitutional values. With their help and other grassroots groups, we can be confident that those we elect will not become “do-nothings” but rather work to reshape American communities in the image and likeness of our Founding Fathers.

Nina Rizzo

Nina is the daughter of Italian immigrants, who imbued in her a love for America where hard work leads to achieving one’s dreams. Nina earned a doctorate in Social Psychology and Personality theory and made a career in nonprofits including Research Triangle Institute as a health policy analyst. Nina’s first vote was cast for Ronald Reagan and there began her pursuit and defense of conservative constitutional principles. Nina spends much of her time cooking for family and friends because food is love revealed. Nina is also passionate about defending her country against government tyranny. When you’re at her dinner table, you are sure to get an earful of how to keep America great.

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