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Is No One Is Above the Law? Let’s Fact Check.

Inscribed on the doors of the Supreme Court are the words: “Equal Justice Under Law.” This principle

serves as the foundation of our criminal justice system assuring that laws are equally and fairly applied to ALL citizens. Whether prince or pauper, justice is blind, and people need to be held to account.

“No one is above the law” is the mantra by The Left and Legacy Media when its circus came to town for Trump’s arraignment. Does the circus believe this? Or is it useful tool wielded against constitutional conservatives who hold this principle dear to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP.

Plenty of people are above the law. It’s a fantasy to think otherwise. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to

review politicians and bureaucrats who are above the law.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Governor Gavin Newsome, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and President Joe Biden violated their own mask mandates while regular citizens were subject to fines of $1000.00 or revocation of licenses during the Covid-19 emergency. While citizens were required to lockdown, BLM and ANTIFA rioters were given free rein to terrorize the streets, loot businesses, assault police officers, and set federal buildings ablaze. There were no bail hearings for BLM and Antifa rioters who spent just one night in jail and let out the next day.

Meanwhile the January 6th protest led to the largest roundup of protesters ever seen in America with over 1000 people charged and many denied due process and held in solitary confinement for months and months. Let’s never forget that one female veteran trespasser was shot dead by police with no outcry or charges against the police officer. I don’t need to say how things would be different if a police officer shot a BLM or Antifa rioter.

Next up is the injustice by the Department of Justice threatening parents of school children who opposed CRT lesson plans and LBGT bathroom policies. A Virginia father was arrested at a school board meeting when he said that his daughter had been raped by a transgender student in the bathroom. Then there is the father of seven who was arrested by the FBI (and later acquitted) for blocking access to an abortion clinic. Yet the FBI never investigated, let alone arrested, anyone for the more than 100 pro-life pregnancy centers and churches that were attacked following the Supreme Court Dobbs leak. Now we have the FBI infiltrating Catholic Churches accusing worshipers of being domestic terrorists.

The DOJ, after raiding former President Trump’s Mar Largo personal residence, is furiously working towards indicting him for crimes related to the improper removal of “Classified” documents from the White House. Yet, Hillary Clinton was never charged with setting up a private server to circumvent transparency surrounding her slush-fund foundation and sending over 110 emails containing marked classified and “top secret.” Hillary destroyed evidence by smashing and BleachBit hard drives.

The Russian collusion may be in the rearview mirror, but we can’t forget that Americans endured 4 years of investigating the legitimacy of Trump’s presidential win. Illegal FISA warrants and numerous innocent people imprisoned over Hillary Clinton’s-paid-for fake dossier. The FEC merely fines Hillary for NOT properly disclosing the money used to fund opposition research that created the fake dossier on President Trump's links to Russia costing taxpayers nearly $32 million to investigate.

Though the Russian Collusion hoax may have been the biggest political scandal and injustice, it is quickly being superseded by whistleblower testimony that the FBI improperly blocked aspects of the Hunter Biden investigation and that Biden-appointed U.S. attorney blocked an indictment against the President’s son, Hunter Biden, on tax charges. The Hunter’s verified laptop’s contents include emails detailing influence-peddling, bribery, tax evasion, gun charges, conspiracy, obstruction, and espionage with using stolen classified records for his Ukrainian and Chinese deals. It appears that the Biden Campaign and Tony Blinken orchestrated a letter from 50 intelligence officials falsely claiming that Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian Disinformation.” Here we have the true 2020 Big Lie Election Interference.

There is not equal justice under the law. Justice is not blind.

When the rule of law is replaced by rule of man, we say America has become a “banana republic.” But what does that mean? In the early 1900s, The American writer O. Henry coined the term “banana republic” in a series of short stories as a politically unstable country run by a dictator, with an economy dependent on a single product. Today, “banana republic” has evolved to mean any country that has a ruthless and corrupt leader who relies on the military and destroys state institutions to retain power.

A society in which people must respond to the edicts and orders issued by crooked politicians and bureaucrats is what is called “the rule of men.” The Old Soviet Empire and today’s Russia under the Putin regime issue edicts and orders in which people are expected to obey. Is there any difference how Russia and the United States operates under President Biden?

The events of the past few years together with the recent raid at Mar Largo and indictment of former President Trump compounded with breaking news of how the DOJ blocked the filing of charges against Hunter Biden and 51 intel/Biden/Blinken orchestrating the biggest lie election interference, prove that we indeed live in a banana republic controlled by the rule of man. It’s a sobering reality watching the Biden Administration and his minions use the Justice Departments at federal, state, and local levels to rid itself of political enemies.

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” was a boast used by Lavrentiy Beria, the most ruthless and longest-serving secret police chief in Stalin’s reign of terror in Russian and Eastern Europe. Beria targeted the man and then fabricated a crime. The U.S. Constitution provides a presumption of innocence and yet the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, says that Trump needs to “prove his innocence.”

The rule of law is a prerequisite for a free society. At its core, the rule of law is defined as the people (and government) should be ruled by the law, OBEY it, and be GUIDED by it. Bringing rogue politicians and bureaucrats to justice is not vengeance but seeks to establish the “right order of things.” Retributive justice is not to be confused with vindictiveness, but rather, it serves to hold people accountable for their crimes, deter future violations, and restore faith in the justice system. Not holding people accountable for their crimes will ultimately lead to the death of America.

Justice and Freedom depend upon each other. The abuse of justice erodes the basic human rights of all people. It’s way past time to hold bullies accountable for their crimes.

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Nina Rizzo

Nina Rizzo

Nina is the daughter of Italian immigrants, who imbued in her a love for America where hard work leads to achieving one’s dreams. Nina earned a doctorate in Social Psychology and Personality theory and made a career in nonprofits including Research Triangle Institute as a health policy analyst. Nina’s first vote was cast for Ronald Reagan and there began her pursuit and defense of conservative constitutional principles. Nina spends much of her time cooking for family and friends because food is love revealed. Nina is also passionate about defending her country against government tyranny. When you’re at her dinner table, you are sure to get an earful of how to keep America great.

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