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It Is “Pride Month” Again

It’s the second day of “Pride Month”, where the normal LGBTQIA+ propaganda gets amplified out of all proportions. For the next month, we’ll be inundated with everything from store displays to commercials to parades that promote the gay, queer, and transgender agenda. So, I thought it would be a good time to share some random thoughts about the changes we are witnessing in society with regard to homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and now even pedophilia.

I wrote a recent article about gender ideology, where I explained the left’s long belief in Tabula Rasa. The left believes that people are born a “blank slate” that can be molded by the state. For example, the Communists and Nazis both believed they could mold children into a new type of human who would unselfishly work for the good of the state. Today, the left is trying to mold children to upend Western Civilization. Among other things, they are using LGBTQIA+ to do so.

Nowhere is this clearer than in the transgender movement? Gender dysphoria is a mental illness that needs to be treated. Instead, it’s now become a major weapon in the left’s war on our culture. As has been the case throughout history, the left is trying to corrupt children, emotionally separate them from their parents, and enlist them in their cause. The left has gone a long way to normalize gender dysphoria in the next generation by exposing children to sexualized performances, pumping them full of dangerous puberty-blocking drugs, and mutilating their genitals all to overthrow the faith, family, and freedom that underpins our society. We know that the left is evil. We also know that children don’t have the capacity

to understand the long-term consequences of what is being done to them. What is mind-boggling is how so many parents are participating in this lunacy.

Alarmingly, there have also been recent attempts to normalize pedophilia. As is always the case, the left’s first step in corrupting society is to corrupt language. In this case, pedophiles are being rebranded as “minor-attracted persons”. If this term starts showing up in textbooks, the media, and politics, we’ll know that the acceptance of child molestation is well on its way.

Most people don’t care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom. I certainly don’t. No one in America is trying to execute homosexuals, as they do in many Muslim countries. But what I don’t understand is why so many gays and lesbians are either silent or complicit in the left’s corruption of our children. Yes, there are groups like “Gays Against Groomers” who are trying to purge the transexuals and pedophiles from their ranks. But the response from the gay community overall is too tepid. I suppose it’s like so-called black “leaders” ignoring the massive black-on-black carnage in the inner cities. They think if they don’t talk about it, no one will notice. It’s a huge mistake.

As we are subjected to increasing LGBTQIA+ propaganda this month, we must all keep in mind that we have moved well beyond what consenting adults are doing in the privacy of their own bedrooms. The left is orchestrating a full-scale assault on our children, just like the Communists and Nazis did before them. They are using gays, lesbians, the mentally ill, the greedy medical establishment, cowardly corporate executives, and naïve parents to do so. This is no longer about “tolerance”. It’s about the survival of our faith, families, and freedom. It’s time to take a stand.

The Blankenburg Report

Eric Blankenburg

Eric is a husband, father of four, technology guy, U.S. Air Force veteran, and left coast refugee. He is a lifelong conservative and “disgruntled” Republican, who has sought ways to help the GOP live up to its values. When Eric is not working or spending time with his family, he likes to write about a variety of current issues. Eric is a regular writer for Liberty First Grassroots (LFG).

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