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The Climate Cult Is Actually a Death Cult

Are people a burden or a blessing?

This simple question defines the most important political fault line of our time. Almost every important issue today is linked in some way to this question. On the one side are those that view people as a burden who will eventually exhaust our “natural resources”. On the other side are those, like me, who understand that something that exists in nature does not become a “resource” until a smart person invents a use for it. The only real “natural resource” is the ingenuity of the human mind.

Those who view people as a burden can trace their roots back to Robert Malthus. Malthus was an English economist, cleric, and utopian who lived at the turn of the 19th century. Malthus was most famous for his prediction that population growth would inevitably outpace the earth’s ability to feed everyone. Malthus was wrong because he failed to predict the industrial revolution and the role that mechanization and technology would play in our ability to support a growing and increasingly prosperous population.

Since the first “Earth Day” on April 22, 1970, the Climate Cultists who follow Malthus have made one prediction after another about growing food scarcity, the imminent depletion of oil, looming environmental catastrophe, and more. Few, if any, of their predictions ever materialized. Despite unequivocal evidence to the contrary, the Climate Cult continues to make these types of proclamations. Unfortunately, they have now gained the upper hand in America and much of the rest of the Western world and are able to foist their alarmist and extremist policies on the rest of us.

Those policies don’t stop at cleaning up the environment. Their real, stated goal is identical to that of Robert Malthus. Namely, to limit and even reduce the human population. Let’s have a look at how some of their disparate policies fit into this overall goal.

The War on Reliable Energy

At first glance, the energy policies of the Biden Administration and many other Western governments seem schizophrenic at best. Western governments are replacing reliable sources of energy on the grid with unreliable sources. At the same time, they are placing more burdens on the grid by forcing cars, furnaces, and stoves to electrify. One of the results will be the regular disruption of electricity in Western countries, just like much of the Third World experiences. Our economy is completely dependent on computers and the Internet. So, the impact of these brownouts will be greater than it is on the Third World, whose economies may not be as dependent on technology. Making transportation completely

dependent on the grid will further elevate the risks to our economy.

Undoubtedly, the technical illiteracy and sheer incompetence of the people in charge of government is a contributing factors to these contradictory policies. But it is also part of a plan to entice people to limit the number of children they have by limiting their use of energy. Several countries including Japan and Germany have fertility rates that have been below replacement levels for decades. But there has been a recent crash in fertility rates across the globe. The drop in fertility has little to do with the recently reported decline in sperm counts among Western men. The real reason for the decline is that young

people, who have been indoctrinated by the Climate Cult, just don’t want to have as many children anymore. Restrictions on energy usage will strengthen their decision.

The War on The Food Supply

The Climate Cult has recently targeted farmers, claiming that they are a major cause of “greenhouse gases”. Western governments are forcing farmers to stop using synthetic fertilizers. Without synthetic fertilizers, farmers would not be able to feed half of the world's population. Upwards of 4 billion people could starve to death. The Netherlands, at the behest of the European Union, is forcing family farms out of business. Replacing synthetic fertilizers with manure would require doubling the amount of land dedicated to raising cattle. But this is also unacceptable to the Climate Cult, which views cow flatulence as

a major cause of “climate change”.

Most recently, the Climate Cult has targeted rice production as a major problem. Rice is the primary food staple for 3.5 billion people. Their solution? People need to start eating crickets and other insects. But insects often carry dangerous parasites and are not fit for human consumption.

The U.S. isn’t going to be left out of the war on the food supply. U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry has recently set his sights on U.S. farmers as well, blaming them for being a major source of “greenhouse gases”.

The War on Life

The Climate Cult, which believes that people are a burden, also works with allied groups to limit the population more directly.

Until recently, America has had among the most relaxed abortion restrictions in the world. The Guttmacher Institute, which is a pro-abortion group, claims that a whopping 930,160 abortions were performed in 2000. Over 99.5% of abortions in America are not performed because of a medical need. They are performed as a matter of convenience to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. And abortion is not the only type of killing that is being sanctioned by the government.

Canada legalized euthanasia in 2016. Their law originally allowed terminally ill patients who were suffering intractable pain to request that a medical professional help them end their lives. But Canada quickly moved beyond that. Doctors now regularly advise people who are seriously ill, but not facing death, that suicide is an option. Starting in 2024, Canadians suffering from mental illness will also be covered under the assisted suicide law. And critics of the system warn that people are being driven to assisted suicide by poverty.

Even the recent push for transgenderism can be viewed as a means to limit the population, by destroying the reproductive systems of people, including children. Almost all children who are given puberty blockers as part of so-called “gender-affirming care” also wind up on hormone therapy. Cross-sex hormones can have many lasting side effects, including sterility. And the removal of a person’s testicles during “gender reassignment surgery” precludes them from fathering a child in the future.

The Bottom Line

Are Western policies on energy, food, and life really all part of an attempt to limit and reduce the world population? The short answer is yes. Population control has been a stated goal of the Climate Cult since the very beginning of the modern environmental movement. And the entire premise of Robert Malthus, who is their patron saint, is that the betterment of humanity is impossible without strict limits on the population. The real goal of the Climate Cult is not the climate. It’s population control. Once we all understand the real motivation of the Climate Cult, we will be in a better position to defeat them.

The Blankenburg Report

Eric Blankenburg

Eric is a husband, father of four, technology guy, U.S. Air Force veteran, and left coast refugee. He is a lifelong conservative and “disgruntled” Republican, who has sought ways to help the GOP live up to its values. When Eric is not working or spending time with his family, he likes to write about a variety of current issues. Eric is a regular writer for Liberty First Grassroots (LFG).

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