Lieutenant Colonel Sherry-Lynn Womack, U.S. Army (Retired)

Lieutenant Colonel Sherry Womack entered the Army at age 17 in 1981 as an enlisted medic.  After attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant, she attended the Army’s Warrant Officer course, and a mere two years later accepted a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant Medical Officer.  Following the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Sherry deployed with the 101st Air Assault Division (Rakkassan Brigade) into Afghanistan.  Deployed in the early stages of Operation Enduring Freedom, in January 2002, and just hours after arrival, she was assigned the duty of triaging and treating Taliban prisoners at the Kandahar Air Base detention facility- some of the same individuals now occupy the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Later, she was specially detailed as a Medical Liaison to U.S. Special Forces in theater and participated in highly experimental operations designed to provide medical care while gathering intelligence information from local Afghan citizens.  Sherry was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Medical Badge for her meritorious actions in Afghanistan.   Her service in Operation Enduring Freedom is memorialized in a permanent exhibit inside the U.S. Army Women’s Museum at Fort Lee, VA.  LTC Womack graduated from the U.S. Army Command and Staff College in 2007 after which she deployed for 15 months of combat duty in Iraq.  This second combat tour earned her a second Bronze Star Medal.  After her return in 2008, she served as the first female 18th Airborne Corp Senior Physician Assistant, US Army Forces Command, and retired with 33 years of active service. Most recently served as a State Social Services Commissioner and recognized by the governor as one of North Carolina’s most outstanding female combat veterans.

  • Serving on the Lee County Board of Education a frontline battle as she continues the fight against Critical Race Theory and all the Left Winged Liberal activities indoctrinating our children. 

  • As the Campaign Manager for the youngest female ever elected to office in the state of North Carolina, she has proven she can attract our youth and get them engaged.

  • Serving as the Women for Trump Director with over 2600 member throughout NC running several Women for Trump Bootcamps where they learn and celebrate the republican core values while training joyfully with a defined purpose of promoting conservative values.

  • From helping build floats and organizing multiple parades for local parties throughout the state to creating and designing mascots for various candidates including "Trumpella" and “Scooby Newby" and designing our “Justice League” there is no limit to her creativity and innovation.  

  • Boots on the ground is more than a catch phrase as she traveled across the state participating in get out to vote events and worked local polls in 5 different counties, including traveling across the state to work polls for Dan Bishop and Dr Greg Murphy.

  • She realizes resourcing our precincts and counties with the tools they need along with strategic planning and goal setting is the best way to ensure success and win Local, State and Federal government races and has attending and assisted with over a dozen classes related to promoting the Republican Party.

  • Currently serve as the Vice-Chair of the Lee County Republican Ladies Club

  • A true activist traveling to Washington DC during the Kavanaugh hearing, FreedomWorks events and Raleigh defending Voters ID requirements and most recently survived an international assault on her constitutional right to attend a Trump Rally. 

Patriotism, education, honesty, political professionalism, charisma, intelligence, responsibility, strength of character, service to the people and bravery.  Now, more than ever, we need someone to motivate, energize, and inspire while bringing hope as we unite for the common cause of promoting and growing the NC Republican Party and our platform.  We need a proven winner to breathe fresh energy and leadership into the North Carolina Republican Party!  We need Sherry Lynn Womack! It is my hope and prayer that you will join us in going to the state convention, June 3rd through 5th in Greenville, to VOTE and make Sherry Lynn Womack the Vicechair of our Party! Thank you!

The next 2 years will be a war on our Christian Conservative Values.

Now more than ever, our NC Republican Party needs strong, trustworthy, proven leadership that can unite Republicans across this state. Sherry Lynn Womack provide the spark that unites us all.


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