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Last Monday's Legislative Bill Update

Last Monday's Zoom Meeting Update About NC's Legislative Bills

Andy Stevens, Vice President of Operations at Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC), emphasized the importance of continually urging our legislators to uphold and protect our Second Amendment Rights. I strongly recommend signing up to receive the GRNC newsletter at for ongoing updates and crucial information. You can also stay connected with Mr. Stevens on Twitter at @AStevens1956.

Please mark your calendars for May 18th as we continue our advocacy in Raleigh. We need to collectively support the NC Constitutional Carry H189, which you can track through the GRNC Alert Site.

In addition, Laura Macklem, Press and Political Director of the NC Values Coalition updated us on the status of SB20, "Care for Women, Children, Families Act". This bill has successfully passed both the House and the Senate. Despite Governor Cooper's indications of a veto, we remain hopeful and are awaiting further instructions on the steps we may need to take to support the NC Values Coalition in response to any veto action.

An immediate course of action is to email the following four legislators who have the potential to advocate strongly for an SB20 override. Please take the time to request their support for SB20:

  1. Ted Davis - NC House District 20 - New Hanover

  2. Tricia Cotham - NC House District 112 - Mecklenburg

  3. John Bradford - NC House District 98 - Mecklenburg

  4. Mike Lee - NC Senate District 7 - New Hanover

Laura Macklem also provided updates on other bills including HB 808 and HB839, which are currently moving to the Senate. We need to encourage Senators to reintroduce the hormone component into these bills. Furthermore, HB673, also known as the "Frag Queen Bill", is under discussion for restriction to adult entertainment. More details can be found at

Jim Womack, President of the NC Election Integrity Teams, highlighted six bills, including the Poll Observer Bill (H772) crafted by the NCEIT Legislative Team. In addition, he spoke about bills consolidated by NC Legislators. A comprehensive list of these Election Bills is available on the website.

For your convenience, I have included a list of bills that we encourage you to support. You can access more information on each of these bills at

  • H303: Shorten One-Stop Early Voting at county BOE by 3 days

  • H304: Election Day Integrity Act (revisions suggested)

  • H396: Repeal Participation in ERIC

  • H485: Provisional Ballot/Same Day Registration

  • H641: No Soliciting Certain Funds/Elections Boards (revisions suggested)

  • H728: Maintenance of Voter Records (major revisions needed)

  • H770: Access to Voted Ballots

  • H772: Poll Observer Activity

  • H816: Poll Observers (revisions needed)

In conclusion, I have attached documents and a short video mentioned by Mr. Womack during our Monday Zoom call. This is a 5-minute speech by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton at a recent Heritage Foundation event, discussing election integrity and Vote by Mail fraud. The video can be accessed HERE

NCEIT Bill Priorities.docx
Download PDF • 148KB

Needed Statutory Changes_NCEIT .docx
Download PDF • 56KB

Upholding Freedom,

Sue Butcher

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