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Year One Biden-Harris Administration Video - Be a Brave Worker, Save The Freedom.

The word "brave" is mentioned nine times in this video from Thursday January 20TH, 2022. The word "free" is not mentioned once.

The bait and switch is the quote in the beginning from the brilliant, young poet Amanda Gorman: For there is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it, if only we're brave enough to BE it.

We all love American bravery. We all hold every brave serviceman and woman, who truly fight for our freedom, dear to our heart. The video goes on to reference and pillage "The Star Spangled Banner" by never mentioning word free. This is on purpose. The continuance of basing the entire remainder of the video on labor, work, and jobs, is also on purpose. If a patriot argues this case, the switch would be that we are criticizing the bait: the poem.

This video is a message to Americans to be brave little soldiers to work for the socialist cause. In the video it is said "so let's start re-building" and mentions unity. These are personal jabs at patriots, soldiers, and citizens. We've all been working and fighting against racism. We don't see the color of the poet. We see the beauty of her heart. We never stopped working together. We were halted by this administration. We never chose to stop working at all. We continue to be hindered by this administration.

The fact is that we are working and continue to fight for the thing they left out of this message ... Freedom.

Thanks for the video Michael Hyde

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