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We have work to do! Elect honest Constitutional Conservatives ASAP!

We are surrounded by people that need to understand what President Trump (soon to be the 2nd US President ((POTUS 26, Franklin D. Roosevelt, before the ratification of the 22ND Amendment )) to be elected three times) is saying. We are up against the Socialists, Marxists, Fascists, Globalists, and Communists who have no idea the sleeping giant they have awoken.

We are winning. Hold your ground. Learn the truth. Peacefully protest. Be an activist. Join a powerful grassroots PAC like the LFG! Donate so that we can support your new candidates. When you hear "build back better, unity, racist, cult, ww3, wef, and/or equity", teach that person the truth, then RUN to your voting booth this November to vote in your neighborhood's honest Constitutional Conservative.

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