We Can Have Trump Everyday with Our Coffee

I love the Trump mug. It was given to me for door knocking in Chatham County last summer for the 2020 election. One of my favorite memories is being at Trump rallies. I was surrounded by people who thought like me and believed strongly in the same things I do. It's invigorating and inspiring to be around Constitution-loving patriots! This is why I'm a part of Liberty First Grassroots. I want to be a part of the solution. When we were robbed of a free and fair election, and left high and dry with no recourse left, I felt so angry and powerless. I don't know about you, but I don't like feeling powerless.

In reality, we're not powerless because we have God on our side. That means, WE ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE! I had to get involved. And that brings me to Liberty First Grassroots. Thank you all for being here. I'm proud and blessed to be one of you.

What brings you to Liberty First Grassroots?

Patti Z

Liberty First Grassroots Patriot

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