Vaccine Liberty & No Government Mandates

Protect Our Right to Choose Covid-19 Vaccines – Ask your legislator to support our right to choose if we want to take the vaccine. Vaccine passports violate our rights. Support House Bill 558- Prohibit Mandatory CV19 Vaccinations and House Bill 580- My Body, My Choice Medical Privacy Act.

Call your Legislator and specifically Speaker Tim Moore. He is a Republican keeping HB558 from getting out of Committee. Speaker Tim Moore House Speaker Republican - District 111 Cleveland Legislative Office: 16 West Jones Street, Rm. 2304 Raleigh, NC 27601-1096 919-733-3451 Mailing Address: 305 E King St Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Terms in House: 10 ( 0 in Senate ) Occupation: Attorney Main Phone: 704-739-1221 Email: Legislative Assistant: Grace Irvin

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