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BLOG SWAP! Moving Toward The Light. Sorting, Sifting, Swapping, & Shutting Off.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

THIS BLOG: The The Left Media & Our Diplomat Explain The Formal Invasion After The Cyber Invasion SWAPPED TO: BLOG SWAP! Moving Toward The Light. Sorting, Sifting, & Swapping.

The attempt to "inform people", is just supporting the Left propaganda. You all know these facts just posted. The is no need to perpetuate this SCARE TRASH.

I've been pushing away from the media and the Communist Agenda for years. I turned on the television to the news in April of 1993. It was the wrapping up the Waco Siege and the beginning of the Clinton Regime. I sat for the "news". I felt a sad feeling. Do we need to feel this? What if I shut it off? What if EVERY time I heard this type of propaganda,... I just SHUT IT OFF! But I need to know what these people are pushing. What do I do? Eventually this turned into an entire system I use to stay sane and turn to the light instead. It's a system we all use today more and more.

We need to recognize what the opposition is working on without getting depressed, brainwashed, or angry. Instead of immediately lumping a friend into the Commie shoes, understand that there are people on our side that are working on the inside of the centralists. Sift & sort out the good then shut it off. If it's depressing then swap the negativity with positivity. Go be with other positive people.

I will try to post things that only support us from now on. At least until we have more Blog Authors. Let me know if you can post. LFG will vet you then set you up. If you just want to post freely then become a member and post in the Forum.


CNN: Cyberattack hits Ukraine government websites...

"The US and its NATO allies are not ready to meet Russia halfway on the key issues," Ryabkov said Thursday, according to state news agency TASS. "The main problem is that the United States and its NATO allies, under no guise, for any reason are not ready to meet our key demands."

Blinken had warned before the talks that no breakthroughs were expected this week "in an atmosphere of escalation with a gun to Ukraine's head."

Is Victoria Nuland representing YOU?

Or is she an Operative for the WEF and NATO?

Victoria Nuland: "observed that the Ukrainian military has become much more capable since a U.S.-backed coalition began training its forces in the aftermath of the 2014 invasion and as a result of new weapons and equipment – the supply of which Congress has approved with unusual bipartisanship.

The Russians will have a very big fight on their hands, there will be severe casualties for them, and frankly it’s hard to comprehend” why Russia would pursue military action at a time its people suffer heavily from the spread of the coronavirus, Nuland said, “rather than building back better inside Russia.”

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