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Protests Worldwide Have a Few Things In Common. SURPRIZE! It's Not of What We Are Told. IT'S WAR!

Almost ALL news outlets have the same narrative: "Anti-Vaccine Protests Rage Around The World" THE TRUTH: Anti-mandate & pro (USA-like) Constitutional freedoms are DEMANDED worldwide.

This isn't Democrats Vs. Republicans! We are on the right side of a WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT. We are finally getting together across the globe to fight this Information WAR!!! People are clamoring for the same Constitutional freedom the United States once had, just a few months ago. We are the last to KEEP it! We are going to have help getting it back! We are going to continue to help the world get it. FREEDOM. Government by the people and for the people! LET'S HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT NOW!!!


  • LONDON: ‘Worldwide Freedom Rally’ protest staged at Trafalgar Square.

  • 'Don't touch our children' "Freedom, freedom," chanted demonstrators in France, carrying placards denouncing "Macron, Tyrant," "Big Pharma shackles freedom" or saying "No to the pass of shame."

  • SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Thousands protest COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney

  • Cypriots protest against coronavirus ‘SafePass’

  • Protesters outside Olympic stadium can be heard inside venue

  • Austria on Friday announced a nationwide partial lockdown — the most dramatic restrictions in Western Europe for months.

  • Belgium Some 35,000 people took to the streets in Brussels, police said on Sunday. The rally was protesting the coronavirus restrictions in the country, including the requirement to show a vaccine certificate when going to public places such as restaurants.

  • In the Netherlands, rioters threw stones and fireworks at police and set fire to bicycles on Saturday as protests against coronavirus curbs turned violent for a second night in the country. Police reported that five officers had been injured in violent confrontations and were receiving treatment in hospital.

  • Germany Two test centers in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia were set on fire on Sunday morning, police said.

  • In Northern Ireland, several hundred people opposed to vaccine passports protested outside the city hall in Belfast on Saturday.

  • In Croatia, thousands gathered in the capital of Zagreb. Some carried flags, nationalist and religious symbols, along with banners against vaccination mandates and what they describe as restrictions of people's freedoms.

  • In Italy, 3,000 turned out in Rome's Circus Maximus on Saturday to protest against "Green Pass" certificates, required at workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, sports venues and gyms, as well as for long-distance train, bus or ferry travel.

  • Guadeloupe, France sent a group of dozens of elite security force officers to its overseas territory of Guadeloupe on Saturday after protests against coronavirus rules turned violent.



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