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VOTE- Sherry Womack for First Vice Chair of NC Republican Party. June 5th Greenville.#NCGOP

Hey, Patriots! This is one of those moments when we are asked to support a team player in the grassroots movement. Her name is Sherry Womack. She is a member of the Lee County School Board. Her resume is long & full of achievements as a Christian Woman, Wife, Mom and a Patriot. She is also a Veteran, retired Lt. Colonel.and 33years of service. We are asking for a YES VOTE for Sherry Womack who declared today to run for First Vice Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party. The election will occur on June 5th in Greenville at NCGOP State Convention. The key day of voting will be Saturday. Greenville Convention Center 303 Greenville Blvd SW Greenville, NC 27834

FYI Susan Mills of Cumberland County is running for same position. We met Susan at Wake County GOP Convention in March and heard her speak at our Congressional District 2 Convention April 29th. As we listened to Susan Mills; Liberty First realized how excited you will be when you hear Sherry talk about her qualifications to be NCGOP Vice Chair.

We are asking you to support an asset for the State Leadership role of Vice Chair of NCGOP with a YES to endorse Sherry Womack. When she wins she will work along side of the Chair of NCGOP.

The important part of this request and a YES vote for Sherry Womack is you will experience State Republican Party Election , participating as part of a team for solutions, and supporting future dedication to the cause of electing local, State and Federal Constitutional Candidates.

A YES from you will Declare a winning endorsement for Sherry Womack to become NCGOP Vice Chair. Her predecessor was Miriam Chu a long time grassroots activist and friend of Liberty First Grassroots

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