Liberty First Grassroots Activates For Their First Statewide Legislative Action Day.

Liberty First Grassroots Legislative Action Day was attended by Patriots from as far as Rutherford County, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenburg, Cumberland, Wayne, Durham, Wake, Halifax, Craven, to New Hanover? We turned the tables on Saul Alinsky's never let a crisis go to waste and reversed the talking points to a positive: " Never let a group of motivated Patriots go to waste ". It was estimated 200 people attended.

With 22 Patriots attending a Liberty First training workshop in February; Patriots were waiting to be engaged. I remember making 2 decisions that day one was to create a day to meet again and the second happened moments later when Jim Womack, spokesperson for Conservative Coalition NC ( CCNC ) arrived to speak to our group. I remember Jim discussing with me what kind of action day could Liberty First Grassroots create to take Patriots to a new level of Community Engagement. Jim asked: " Do you have a Legislative Action Day planned? " I said "no , but we will have one in place before we leave today".

What happened next? With my electronic device I checked the calendar and picked a date, looked at the NC General Assembly website to see activities on that date and ☑️ it was a go. As I shared to the Patriots before leaving that day Liberty First Grassroots would meet again one month later and in 2 months they would be participating in a Legislative Action Day.

What began as a seed grew with the leadership from Liberty First Grassroots Legislative Action Committee Chair, Joanne Empie, to include participation from across NC. We even had a Patriot from Myrtle Beach SC attend. The Legislative Action Committee was a 16 person team. They accomplished something before their.....

eyes they own as an experience and will continue to tweak and improve for future Legislative Action Days in the coming months. (FYI: The Legislative Action Team didn't go to bed last night without reconnecting and improving the layout. Yep, NC they are ready for the masses.) A HUGE thank you to their accomplishments.

We encourage you as a reader to think about your passions & motivation and apply them productively. We can ALL be part of the solution in saving your Liberties in your Community, your County, your State, OUR America. Keep on keeping on.

Look for future posts sharing the accomplishments of the day. Many Patriots have texted, called, & emailed their personal experiences from Liberty First Grassroots First Statewide Legislative Action Day. Stay tuned.

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