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Legislature Motions for the Recusal of Justice Earls in Upcoming Redistricting Case

This information needs to be spread far and wide. Our followers need to understand the hold up on the redistricting of Congressional District maps. This is the Constitutional Duty of the Legislative Body. NCGA has done their job. The maps are submitted. Done. The Supreme Court, Democrat majority, are trying to take the Constitutional Rights of the NCGA away and rule from the bench. They, the NC Supreme Court want to be in authority to REDRAW the maps. Justice Earls is a progressive left activist tagged as a Democrat. She needs to recuse herself for conflict of interest. Eric Holder ( Obama's AG). endorsed her in 2018 and funded her campaign. She sits on NC Highest Court.

Make your words be heard from the ocean to the mountains. Earls must recuse herself, conflict of interest. Her decisions come from her treasure chest of $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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