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Is it Time to Dump Trump? No.

I keep hearing from Republicans who want to dump Trump and find another candidate. What kind of candidate do they have in mind?

Maybe someone like H.W. Bush created the H1B program which flooded the country with foreign programmers and sent millions of technology jobs to India.

Or someone like W. Bush who spent trillions of dollars and killed thousands of Americans, and countless others trying to force Western democracy on Medieval goat herders who’ve never brushed their teeth?

Or another John McCain who never met a war he didn’t like?

Or maybe a new Mitt Romney, who is the most colossal flip-flopper in the history of American politics?

Is that what they want to go back to? Because that is what the GOP offers. This is who the GOP really is.

We must never forget that Reagan and Trump were aberrations who tried to change the party. And the party hasn’t been changed enough to entrust it with another career GOP politician.

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