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Is It Time for A National Divorce?

America’s political differences seem to be getting more insurmountable by the day. The latest outrage from the left was triggered when a transgendered person murdered six people in a Christian school, including three nine-year-old children. Instead of mourning the lives lost, the response from many on the left was to lament about the poor treatment transgendered people allegedly get from Christians. Despite the left’s constant blather about how much they care about “our children”, it was obvious that they didn’t give a hoot about these children at all. Of course, they also used the heinous act to push their never-ending gun control agenda.

The Nashville shooting was just one example of the growing fractures in our society. There is a literal invasion at our southern border, yet the Democrats ignore it. There is ample evidence that the Biden family has been taking payments from Eastern Europe and China in return for political favors, yet the Democrats do not care. The Biden administration is decimating America’s energy security by making us more reliant on China and the Democrats cheer. Americans are so far apart on the issues, that any hope for reasonable compromise is gone.

On top of this, the government has been thoroughly corrupted by the left. The DOJ, FBI, IRS, CIA, State Department, and other federal agencies have all been caught lying, censoring, and who knows what else to support and protect the Democrats, while doing everything possible to harm patriotic Americans.

It is time for patriots to decide if it is even possible to save the country intact, or if we would be better off pursuing other options. Let us look at three possibilities for moving forward.

Save The Country Intact

Of course, the most desirable option is to save the country intact. But how is this even possible with questionable elections and a politically biased legal system?

A Convention of the States may be our last peaceful option. Unfortunately, many patriots fear that a Convention of the States would fall into the hands of leftists who would eliminate the Second Amendment and neuter the rest of the Bill of Rights. Can we even get 34 states to call a Convention? Are there 38 states that would ratify the proposed amendments? Probably not. That may leave us with one viable option to save the country intact—a civil war.

The inevitability of a new civil war is becoming a widely held belief across the political spectrum. But a new Civil War would be very different than the last one. In 1860, there was a clear division between the slave states and the free states. No such clear territorial demarcation exists today. Most of us live in areas where neighbors are bitterly divided on the issues. A new civil war would not feature one state’s militia fighting another. It would almost certainly be centered around terrorism and political assassination.

Americans have forgotten the tumultuous 1960s when political assassination was a routine part of life. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, and others were all assassinated.

America also suffered through numerous acts of terrorism, much of it conducted by Puerto Rican separatists. Various leftist groups like the Weather Underground also engaged in acts of terrorism, including bombing the U.S. Capitol building.

An estimated 700,000 Americans died during the first civil war. A new civil war may or may not result in as many or more dead Americans. But a new civil war would certainly cause us to suffer through a daily grind of bombings and shootings far greater than that of the 1960s. Think about the destruction in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war to see where this could lead.


Another option is to try to secede. We have tried that twice before. The American Revolution did not start as a revolution. It started as a secession. We told the British that we did not want to be part of their empire any longer. They responded with the military to force the colonists to stay. Fortunately, the colonists won. The Civil War also started as a secession. The government responded with the military to force the southern states to stay. The rebels failed.

I have many friends who honestly believe that a peaceful separation is possible. Their argument is that the left despises us, so they should be glad to see us go. But they are naïve. The left does not want to separate from us. They want to subjugate, tax, humiliate, and lord over us. Let us not forget about the deep state. The last thing they want is for America to fragment into pieces because it would cost them their power and prestige in the world. Our history should have taught us that peaceful separation is not possible. Any attempt to secede today would certainly be met with a brutal response from the federal government.

A Lesson from the American Revolution

During the American Revolution, approximately 500,000 colonists remained loyal to the British Crown. But most of them remained in America after the Revolutionary War and became good Americans. A forgotten piece of American history is that upwards of 20% of the loyalists were expelled from the country after the war. Many loyalists were harassed, beaten, and even killed. States passed laws that allowed their property to be seized and sold. As many as 85,000 loyalists left. Does the expulsion of the British Loyalists hold any lessons for us today? Yes, it does.

Obviously, expelling tens of millions of American citizens from the country would not be realistic. Where would they go? Who would take them? But we might be able to do the next best thing. What if we expel a handful of areas of the country that have overwhelmingly leftist populations? As was the case after the Revolutionary War, we would not need to expel all the leftist areas. We would only need to get rid of a small percentage of them to fundamentally change the direction of the country.

Much of the lunacy that is sweeping across America originated on the west coast in places like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Those would be prime areas to push out of the country. For example, ten million people live in Los Angeles County. The area has 17 Congressmen. All but three are far-left Democrats. In the Northeast, New York City has 12 Congressmen. Eleven of them are Democrats. Expelling Los Angeles County and New York City alone would go a long way toward moving the country in the right direction. Including western Washington, western Oregon, the San Francisco Bay area, eastern Massachusetts, eastern Maryland, and a few other areas in the Northeast would fundamentally alter the country for the good.

Is Expelling Portions of the Country Realistic?

Expulsion seems like a fanciful idea. But we have done something like it before. The alternative to expulsion is likely to be another bloody civil war. It is a war that we are not guaranteed to win. The government is run by people who are not on our side. Given what we have seen over the last few years, imagine what the government would do to us if we were at war with them. We also need to remember that the military works for the government. And the military is in the process of being corrupted with critical race theory and other leftist lunacies.

I am certainly not advocating that we go out tomorrow and try to blockade Los Angeles. But half the country, across the political spectrum, thinks that a civil war is inevitable. Some may even think it is desirable. I am not one of them. We have other options, including expulsion.


Tremendous changes are being forced upon us. Our lives will be worse as a result. I for one will not live in a future of forced scarcity, censorship, control, and leftist injustice. At some point soon, the Patriots will be forced to decide on a game plan. None of the available options are ideal. But living in a woke, leftist utopia will be worse.

The Blankenburg Report

Eric Blankenburg

Eric is a husband, father of four, technology guy, U.S. Air Force veteran, and left coast refugee. He is a lifelong conservative and “disgruntled” Republican, who has sought ways to help the GOP live up to its values. When Eric is not working or spending time with his family, he likes to write about a variety of current issues. Eric is a regular writer for Liberty First Grassroots (LFG).

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