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Elections are a learning experience.

Here is our INFAMOUS Gov Cooper quote from the article: “Not letting the public know when veto override votes will occur slaps democracy in the face and deceives citizen legislators who have overlapping work, family, and constituent responsibilities they could change if they had proper notice,” Cooper said in a statement. “It’s a shame that House Republican leaders believe they can only override a veto through deception, surprise and trickery.”

NC the primary for 2024 is ONLY 12 months away, absentee ballots distributed. Please consider learning how to message and network in your community to support candidates you WANT TO WIN in 2024. Join us in Southern Wake Jan21st to begin that learning process. If you are a precinct chair in southern wake I recommend attending. If you are part of a candidate volunteer team and want to become a Field Director you will want to attend. If you are interested in free and fair elections and are part of NCEIT (NC Election Integrity Team) JoCo, Harnett, Wake, nearby county leadership will want to attend. As Patriots we are missing the boat in securing voter turnout. It is time to change that. Register to build confidence in messaging and networking; BOTH are required to become a great poll greeter, community organizer and activist to save our freedoms. Legislative Action Days begin Feb 8th register either at or Find 24 hours to give in 2023. Cooper upset House rule change will weaken his veto power ( ----- Sue's Corner LFG will be bringing the Leadership Training to Statesville, Durham/Alamance, Moore County, Greenville and New Hanover.

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