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Desperate, Ruthless, & Panicked! Democrats Lost Their Minds & Are Now LOSING CONTROL!

No longer able to use democratic ways to get the American people to support them, the Left is continuing the panic brigade. Biden exclaims: The unvaccinated are facing a "WINTER OF SEVERE ILLNESS AND DEATH!" As of today, out of the 330 million people, there are NO CONFIRMED DEATHS FROM OMICRON.

Researchers say omicron is burning out as quickly as it grows. Just weeks ago, infection rates in South Africa were skyrocketing. But new evidence shows omicron may have passed its peak and may be on its way out.

In a study not yet peer reviewed, scientists in Johannesburg found omicron was 80% less likely to lead to hospitalizations than the delta variant. For those who are hospitalized the risk of severe illness, it was 30% lower than delta.

This virus is so well adapted for human-to-human transmission that it’s never going to away. There will be periods when there will be more cases and [fewer] cases, just like it occurs with influenza every year.

So what is the report of Omicron from the Left? IT'S A "VIRAL BLIZZARD!" The Democrats are calling you out once again. Remember Creepy Joe telling us our 2nd Amendment rights were useless against his nukes and jets? Well, you are once again being told you are overwhelming the hospitals. It's a fact that natural immunity is stronger than any vaccine yet you are subhuman if you don't get vaccinated. The space in hospitals is reserved for the vaccinated. You should not have the right to travel either.

All of this MUST come to an end. We must all get to an LFG Patriot Workshop to learn how to get these maniacs out of our government!

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