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Comment/Correction: LFG Re: DeSantis vs Trump

ALERT: As you read my comment it has nothing to do with presidential candidate choices. It relates to the conversation over the vaccine and how we need to address messaging from us as Patriots to hold those accountable for unnecessary side effects and deaths.

My comment will be first to separate myself from the article written. My name is in the 'sender' (Sue Butcher) position but I'm not the writer. I respect free-lance writer Eric Blankenburg for his opinion piece on DeSantis vs Trump regarding Covid vaccines. I tagged it as an opinion piece for a reason, our writers have been asked to add links with related and supportive facts to substantiate their articles.

This particular article does not reflect Liberty First Grassroots and many of our follower's viewpoints about political figures and their stand on vaccines. LFG believes that accountability from Pharma regarding the vaccine's side effects and the high death rate that ensued be brought before Congress. Trump needs to take a stand for America & not defend Pharma and the vaccine. There is a very valid interview of DeSantis where he shares the common sense intelligence to look at the data and draw a conclusion for his state in general not to shut down as we were forced to do here in NC. I've been quite surprised today searching for an article to support facts I heard early in 2020 about DeSantis evaluating the data and choosing to not lock down Fl. Here is the same sentence from American Thinker who many admire as truth in writing. "DeSantis looked at the data and came to these conclusions in real-time. A Case for Ron DeSantis - American Thinker

And an article was written recently by Why Trump Should Acknowledge The Covid Shot's Risks ( (June 28, 2023).

LFG wants to thank you for your readership. LFG respects our writer's opinion pieces.

FYI: Liberty First would like to take this time to also let you know we are growing across NC with County Coordinators. Precinct Outreach is a high priority of LFG activism to continue to bring truth and knowledge to our communities.

Upholding Freedom,

Upholding the First Amendment,

Sue Butcher

Founder and Chair of Liberty First Grassroots of NC

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