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The LFG Pledge

Take the Pledge and be empowered to protect your freedoms, preserve America, protect North Carolina, protect your County.

Making a Difference

Have you asked yourself more than once: “What happened to America?”, “What happened to North Carolina schools?”, “Why did our government not take care of their responsibilities to their constituents?”, “How can I possibly get back my rights as an individual?”,  “Is it too late?”, or “I’m overwhelmed. Where do I begin?”

Using Your Skills and Talents For Good

Liberty First Grassroots is a nonprofit organization that began meeting you, the individual, in 2014.  LFG continued to network with area communities to save our Freedoms. We were established with a mission statement to protect our freedoms by electing Constitutional Conservatives via Statewide Primary Elections. We have established over the years contacts and resources to train, support, and network with grassroots activism across North Carolina.  Liberty First Grassroots has established a brand of integrity and respect in political circles of activists, conservative party leadership and the voters during each election cycle.

Meeting Others In The Community

In eight years, LFG leaders learned to solve political problems & create solutions to protect our individual freedoms. We empowered others to make a difference in their own community (precincts and/or voting blocks);  “In the forefront of connecting people to candidates, to community leaders and to each other.” LFG has made a difference by electing people of sound character and family values who believe in accountability to his/her fellow citizen. Our applied principles are based on our unalienable rights as human beings. Liberty First Grassroots members hold the Constitution of United States of America as the supreme law of the land. These values are deemed essential to follow, support, and participate in the mission of LFG as an organization.

Working For a Cause You Believe In

Liberty First Grassroots leads people they meet, to instill in their own lives LFG principles & embrace the LFG Grassroots Brand.  The results will be the continued connection of like-minded people who will work to protect our freedom and the United States of America. Without a cause and the structure to support our personal passions; America, our states, local government, and communities we wander aimlessly with no purpose to find solutions.  Liberty First Grassroots knows how to bring community involvement and success together under one umbrella.  It will take a small increment of time from each of us.  LFG is asking for a pledge of 24 hours per year during the election cycle to protect your God given rights under the Constitution of the United States.

Helping Others

Liberty First Grassroots is a political action committee (PAC). We will have membership and financial goals to reach in order to function properly to elect Constitutional Conservative Candidates.  Remember, LFG has set out to preserve America, to protect NC’s freedoms and to save our community’s freedoms. Even though those guidelines are in place; our growth and success will come from community outreach. Our core team will meet you at an event, on social media, on a phone call, or maybe at a neighborhood meet and greet.  And they will introduce you to LFG. Community Outreach will build our teams based on LFG core values. Your involvement can be as little or as much as you want to give. There is no doubt that an LFG Leadership Team can be that needed ear or that helping hand to meet your political call to protect America’s Freedoms. Every organization requires commitment from their followers if it’s no more than reading an email or text. It will be your choice to become a


Liberty First Grassroots members and make the Pledge to commit:

  1. To joining Liberty First Grassroots as a member by signing the Pledge.

  2. 24 hours of volunteer activism per election in a calendar year.

  3. Add one Pledge. Each new Pledge (Volunteer that commits to this LFG Pledge. On top of geting more done to save our country there will be rewards for getting more Pledges.

  4. Commit to the Constitutional Conservative Candidate agreed upon.


Thanks for your pledge!

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Issues Most Important To You

The LFG Pledge

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