LFG Candidates

NC House District 25, Nash County

Allen Chesser

Our endorsement for Allen Chesser running in Nash County for the NC House seat 25 is one of joy and confidence. Allen Chesser is a staunch Constitutionalist that will not waiver to uphold on the NCGA floor. LFG is confident Allen will bring about solutions as he votes on education, healthcare and overall jobs and economy for NC.  His vote in Nash will support conservative values statewide and his door in Raleigh will be open to LFG.  Vote on May 17th for Allen Chesser.  Visit his website   Allenchesser.com  A veteran and retired law enforcement.

NC Congressional District 2

Mahesh "Max" Ganorkar

LFG is excited to endorse Max Ganorkar for Congressional District 2.  Max has been on the ground in District 2 knocking doors and sharing his testimony for his love for America. This endorsement is about sending a voice to DC that will not waiver from the constitution when voting for America's immigration, healthcare, jobs, and economy.  Max is a man of knowledge with a Masters in Business and Finance. He is presently a contractor of residential homes. Max will apply judicially pragmatic solutions to laws in DC. He is rock solid when it comes to decision making and his loyalty and trust can be counted on with his vote. LFG has known and been affiliated with his Patriotic journey for 5 years. We guarantee you will know Max as we do after reading his Website posts.

Wake County Sheriff

Tivon Howard

Tivon Howard is endorsed by Liberty First Grassroots over Wake County Sheriff Candidates Donnie Harrison and David Blackwelder. Tivon's 27-year law enforcement experience and his service to our Nation makes him the best suited candidate. His continued career in law enforcement and as a veteran of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division he brings skills in implementing, managing, and improving processes. He conveyed a working plan to increase law enforcement employee morale and proper training. Through integrating existing programs from other states, Wake County Sheriff's Department will be engaging communities in open dialogues as soon as he takes office. The practicality of the programs along with application in neighborhoods and detention facilities will open doors to a positive experience with the Wake County Commissioners. LFG believes Tivon Howard will represent his campaign for Wake County Sheriff with outstanding messaging. His strengths with hands-on training as an instructor for many years will bring about empowerment for law enforcement officers to carry out their duties and keep our communities safe. Tivon's hands on experience and extensive training of officers will create an environment for law enforcement officers to conduct their daily duties resulting in respect from the community and those over seeing the incarcerated. A department empowered to provide safety for all. Tivon has a sound and strategic plan to increase law enforcement officer's morale and to take care of the shortage of officers who serve and protect Wake County Communities.


The five person LFG Candidate Committee heard in his voice enthusiasm & confidence. Tivon Howard mentioned how important a Sheriff of integrity is number one in leading and managing the Wake County's Sheriff's Department. LFG was confident in their decision to endorse Tivon Howard for Wake County's Sheriff Republican Nominee to be elected May 17th. We recommend a visit to his website to get to know the next Republican Wake County Sheriff in 2023.

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NC Senate District 18

E.C. Sykes

LFG was pleased to hear E.C. Sykes had filed and was going to run in NC Senate District 18.  E.C. has the endorsement of LFG.  He has been a tried-and-true Constitutional Conservative as he crossed NC in 2020 sharing his love of country and business knowledge.  As NC Senator his focus will be to make our great state competitive and successful in the areas of economics, education and healthcare.  LFG will know they have an ear at the NCGA with EC Sykes representing his constituents in Senate District 18.  Vote May 17th for E.C. Sykes.  Visit his website:  E.C. Sykes for NC Senate - District 18 (ecfornc.com)   ecfornc.com