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Currently, Americans are under threat of losing our Constitution. We are the only country to make such a document work. It’s our duty to defend it against all attacks.


Since 2014, Liberty First Grassroots has been working on & fixing issues that have always been important. Today they are dire. Protecting Our Constitution, Restoring Purpose & Patriotism to American Education, Free & Fair Elections, Honest Conservative Constitutional Candidates, & Unconstitutional Mandates.


Help us mobilize the truth through training, education, events, an internet presence, knocking on doors, & much more. Join thousands of Liberty First Grassroots members to take back America one precinct at a time.

Liberty First Grassroots mission is to educate our fellow citizens, attract a community and to mobilize those citizens to secure public policy at the Local, State and Federal level that is consistent with Constitutional conservative values. Liberty First Grassroots believes in a Constitutionally Limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. We will maintain a presence in our precincts to support ALL registered voters in their efforts to have their voices heard furthering the protection of all our Constitutional Rights.

Liberty First Grassroots needs your help! If you are serious about demanding forensic audits, electing in the best candidate, upholding voter integrity, ending critical race theory in schools, stopping mandatory vaccine & ID's, fighting the media fear theatre, & ending Federal, State  & Local Government corruption, & your are a die hard patriot, then we need you to be a County, Precinct, or Block Leader.


Cheryl Caulfield

D1 Wake School Board

Monica Ruiz

D2 Wake School Board

Wing Ng

D3 Wake School Board

Becky Lew

D4 Wake School Board

Jackie Boegel

D5 Wake School Board

Jacob Arthur

D7 Wake School Board

Steve Bergstrom

D8 Wake School Board

Michele Morrow

D9 Wake School Board

Wake County School Board Candidates


Sue's Patriot Post

Experience, Training, Knowledge

Liberty First Pledge To  Endorse Wake County School Board Candidates

Liberty First Grassroots (LFG) has been involved as activists in the process of elections since 2014.   Our inception was based on Liberty comes First or as a citizen we loose the ability to govern & we loose the Rule of Law which protects safety in our communities.  LFG mission statement is to elect Constitutional Conservatives and the first group of Wake County School Board endorsed Candidates fits that description in the way they would apply leadership sitting on the board. Our endorsed candidates have been part of our organization and conveyed the same principles in their daily lives.  LFG highly recommends Wake County voters cast their votes on November 8th for the following: To find your voting district click here